Lunch and dessert

Next day at noon I drove my bulky family car out the Aerospace gates, and headed in the direction of my favourite restaurant, at the shore of one of the region’s picturesque lakes. I was aware of the fact that the BMW would be following, also that I was somehow breaking protocol, but it was clear that John, who had recently moved from the United Kingdom to Germany, was searching for novelty in different ways, and I wasn’t about to disappoint him. Continue reading “Lunch and dessert”



So you see, dear Peter, my ecologically motivated objections to unnecessary flying, as well as my unwillingness to admit myself properly impressed by the oversized jet, had got me the telephone number of this exotic instance of a man. I contemplated messaging him for a couple of days, but at this point I had started to get intimidated, not only by his presence, but also by the extensive machinery and muscle seemingly involved in it. There was also the slight problem that I didn’t know what to say, Continue reading “Coffee”


The second time I saw John was again by chance. I was taking my usual afternoon stroll through the Aerospace Center premises, which always brought me to a grassy field adjacent to the small airport where the research and training planes start from and land, along with the occasional company jet. As I sometimes did, I stood at the fence next to the end of the runway to watch one of the larger aircraft land. It was a Gulfstream, Continue reading “Gulfstream”


A shorter form of this story was submitted to the 48 hour flash fiction 2017 contest. The title, a dialogue line and a broad subject was provided by the contest.

One of my earliest memories is of my First Parent driving us to the Central Family Administration Agency. Both my parents were silent for the whole ride, and even from the back seat of our electro I could tell that my First Parent’s expression was ominous. Continue reading “Hidden”